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How Alaska National Insurance Company Gained a Competitive Advantage with Advanced Data Capture

Insurers, like businesses in other industries, are challenged with skyrocketing volumes of documents and data, a growing number of ways that information enters the organization, increasing demands for faster access to information, and heightened data protection and regulatory compliance pressures. Alaska National Insurance Company is overcoming these information management challenges with an intelligent data capture […]

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white papers

Ace Your Scanner Deployment

The business case for advanced document scanners is proven and compelling. The list of benefits reaped from proper deployment is impressive. While making the right scanner choice is fundamental to achieving the benefits, you must also take the right approach for deploying your document scanning solution. Download this white paper to find out the strategies […]

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Creating the Digital Commercial Bank of the Future

Commercial banking is undergoing tremendous change. New competitors, heightened customer expectations, and ever-increasing regulatory pressures are disrupting the commercial banking sector. The competition for commercial customers is fierce and getting tougher. Established commercial banks that succeed in the future will transform the way they serve their customers. Read this white paper to find out how […]

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tip sheets

Outmoded Mortgage Lending Processes

Processing mortgage applications is a risk-reward endeavor. You’re often battling costly and complex business processes, fraught with compliance risks. Learn how to take the cost, complexity, and risk out of mortgage processing with this tip sheet.  

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Accelerate Your Data Extraction

Every day, mortgage bankers are asked to deliver faster and faster loan decisions while still performing their required due diligence. How can you deliver with so many new challenges being stacked against you? Volatile economic conditions, loads of varying document types, and high processing costs all make it borderline impossible to generate speedy decisions while […]

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Power Up Your Mortgage Operations

Few industries are as lucrative and volatile as the mortgage industry, which makes keeping up with fluctuating demands quite costly. Matching capacity and customer needs is a constant struggle, the scale is always threatening to tip one way of the other. Read this white paper to find out how to power up your mortgage operations […]

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Uncover Your Mailroom’s True Potential

Out-of-control labor costs, auditing mishaps, frustrated customers, security fears – if you’re still relying on the status quo of simple capture, this is your daily reality. Now imagine your current mailroom infrastructure taking on quadruple the amount of incoming information, which most businesses expect to happen within the next two years. Is your mailroom ready?

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A Shared Services Approach to Back-Office Processing

Imagine if your state government agency could meet ever-increasing constituent expectations for service while achieving cost savings. Read the eight reasons for state governments to embrace consolidation.

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6 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Business Webinar Recording

In this webinar, we’ll share six strategies to help you strengthen your customer base and meet the demands of your educated customer.

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